Writing me Down

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Across the barren purpled landscape, the rounded pebbles and rocks clatter continuously as they tumble about the surface, drawn by the pull of the full pink moon. The stones are warm to the touch, and vibrate against each other. There is no plant life, as nothing can root in the constantly shifting rock. However, the warm soupy waters are thick with life. Waving seaweed, gelatinous creatures of all sizes, their dried carcases thrown to the rocks by the tidal waves that routinely sweep the surface.

Underwater, the creatures hear bubbling and surging, sucking and ringing of stone on stone. The gloopy thick water tastes sulphurous, metallic, warm. Colours deepen from magenta to deepest violet-blue.

In the depths lurks a writhing shadow. Octopus-like, its tentacles stretch across a circumference of at least 8 miles. A size that, to the sea creatures, rivals the pink moon that throws its light onto the water’s surface. Moving freely and fast through the waters, Bollabus (as the creature is known) feeds hungrily from the rich waters. And Bollabus continues to grow.

One day, the moon sucks in her cheeks and a wave starts to form deep beneath the surface of the purple planet. The rocks shiver in anticipation. Gaining speed, the wave hurtles through the sea. Bollabus hears the warning rumble, sinks as low as he can – but not low enough, not this time. The wave gathers the huge form effortlessly in its grasp and with a final gasp, hurls Bollabus several miles onto the rocks.

Bollabus gazes up at his rival, that huge pink sphere that dominates the surface of his watery domain. The moon gazes back, dispassionate. But then he feels it, becomes aware of the pull of her presence. The stones roll underneath him, massaging his tentacles, pulling his gigantic form across their surface. He starts to roll out of control, tentacles waving. Digging in the tips, he manages to arrest his progress but still feels the pull in his heart. The sea sounds retreat, and all he can hear is the steady rolling, rumbling, rattling of that mobile rocky surface.


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