Writing me Down

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Pink Moon speaks

All my life I’ve guarded that planet. Hugged it close. Feeling him, stirring and growing in the depths, knowing that one day he would rise and join me, make me complete. Finally, that day came. I felt the waters stirring in the deep and they lifted him up to me, delivered him onto the rocks within my grasp. I started to call him, pulling, tugging, impatient for him. But then the stones started to sing. What words they used I do not know, but I felt him grow stronger, resisting me. All my life I had nurtured him, waited for him and now … he was not going to come to me. He fought me. I could not persuade him, with all my pulling he would not come. I dreamed of him, how he would fight me and then, despite himself, merge into my roundedness. But he stayed away. He did worse than that; he became my nemesis. He brought the poisonous glare of that yellow orb that chased me high into the heavens. But he still dreams of me. He still wonders what would have happened if he had let me pull him into me, keep him safe forever. Safe in the darkness.


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