Writing me Down

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Dandelions grow wonky in the grass, tripping up the pigeons. Do foxes eat pigeons – or bubblegum? Sitting in the hedge, singing, blowing bubbles. Foxed. Out of their wits. Twit, twoo, the owl watches overhead, looking for mice.

The mice are looking forward to their annual holiday – in Greece. They climb into Agatha’s suitcase when she is not looking, too intent on her slice of battenburg to notice. Pink and yellow, yellow and pink. And jam, best of all, the raspberry jam.

Mouse blows raspberries at Owl, who hoots, making Fox look up. Up and up and over he falls, down and down. Hedge shouts “Oi! You all right down there?” No reply. Hedge shrugs and wanders off across the field.

“Mind where you’re putting your feet!” shouts Mouse, nipping smartly out of the way of a long, scrawny root.

“Sorry,” mumbles Hedge.

“A talking hedge!” Mouse shrieks and runs straight into the claws of Owl, who topples into the waiting jaws of Fox. The pigeons laugh - and then scowl as they try to pull their claws out of the large pats of oozing pink bubblegum.


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