Writing me Down

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Exercise 5.5 – The voice of a fitness fanatic.

This is for anyone who wants a good laugh. :)

Where did I put the mango juice? Oh, it’s there behind that large lettuce. I am so thirsty after the gym tonight. Did all my repetitions. What a pants class that was, though. Didn’t even get my pulse up. I’ll have to do double-class tomorrow or I’ll be falling behind on my targets. Perhaps I’ll go for a jog before bed to work off the carbs from that pasta I had with Jo. I need to get in shape for the 50k race next summer – I’ll need to be running every evening. Might as well start now. I bought a running machine for the spare bedroom but it’s not the same as road running. Fine for doing 30 mins before breakfast. It’s not the same as going to the gym though. What’s the point of having a fit body if no-one sees it?


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