Writing me Down

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Exercise 6.1 (Guess which character!)

The polished mahogany writing desk overlooks the rose garden. A sheet of blank white paper sits squarely in the middle, framed by two newly sharpened pencils. A pile of gleaming identical paperbacks sit on the edge of the desk, the author’s name matching the name on the neat pile of business cards in the tray on the windowsill. The cast-iron Victorian fireplace with rose decorative tiles contains a pile of crumpled papers in the grate. The colourful cushions on the sofa are freshly plumped up; the pile of literary magazines on the coffee table lies neatly next to the overflowing ashtray and empty coffee cup. On the red and green painted walls hang mahogany-framed awards for ‘Poet of the Year’.


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